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Self-paced course to naturally balance hormones & boost fertility
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1:1 personalized nutritional therapy program, supporting:
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Case Study

From Hopeless to Hopeful: Restoring Menstrual Health and Improving Fertility

Sophie battled unexplained infertility and abnormal menstrual cycles for three years. She experienced severe bleeding and blood clotting every month. Despite seeking medical help, healthcare providers dismissed her concerns.

“Your labs are normal.”

“Your ultrasound looks normal.”

“Sometimes this just happens after having your first baby…”

“You can go on birth control or get a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding.”

Sophie refused to give up.

Luckily, this is when our paths crossed. We began working together right away after our consultation call. During our intake session, I noticed there were some key health foundations her body needed some support in. During our time together we focused on blood sugar regulation, digestive system support, replenishing depleted nutrients, supporting her thyroid and liver through nutrition, adding targeted supplements, and incorporating stress management habits.

Within six weeks, Sophie noticed significant improvements in her sleep, mood, energy levels, and even her libido. Her fertility tracking charts began to show she was now regularly ovulating, and she experienced fertile quality cervical fluid – a crucial factor in fertility. Sophie’s periods transformed from being unbearable to normal and manageable. She even went as far as to say “pleasant”. Haha!

Since her BBT charts showed a major improvement and she began to consistently experience normal periods, her hope of having another child reignited. Today, Sophie and her husband are trying to conceive baby #2!

Sophie’s story serves as a powerful reminder that there are alternative approaches to healing, and listening to your body is essential. If you’re experiencing similar challenges, remember that it’s an opportunity to dig deeper and that there are other options out there, and taking the first step towards nourishing your body from a functional perspective might be the key to unlocking your full potential.

Sophie's Testimonial

“I spent the last 3+ years seeking medical help for my abnormal menstrual cycles and "unexplained infertility". Almost every month, I'd pass so much blood and clots to the point of almost passing out. The doctors all said "your hormones are normal. Your ultrasound looks normal. Some people just have drastically different periods after having a baby. We can either put you on birth control or do a hysterectomy to stop the bleeding."

My gut feeling was always - something is wrong with me. Everything was not fine. I didn't want to give up on my uterus yet. I was so frustrated & desperate that none of the doctors would investigate the root cause with me ... until I found Johanna.

She was patient, understanding, caring, and confident. She was not surprised at what I've experienced, and she was the first one that told me that I'm not crazy for thinking something is wrong. We started working 1-on-1 right away and started making small changes in my food and drinks.

Johanna has been extremely supportive in my healing journey. I started experiencing normal periods the first month I started Johanna's program.

So far, I have had 3 normal cycles, and I was able to enjoy life while bleeding! My BBT charts now show major improvements in my reproductive health. My hope of having another child was back. I'm happy to say that Johanna's expertise has far exceeded my expectations, and now my husband and I are working on trying to conceive another child!

BBT Improvement

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What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional Therapy is a whole-body and bio-individual approach to wellness. We look beyond diet & take into consideration other factors such as sleep habits, stress levels, hydration, genetics, environment, mineral status, etc.

How does the process work?

I use the HTMA lab, along with your answers to the Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire and other information about your health history to make recommendations for diet, supplements, and lifestyle changes that can be beneficial for addressing the root of your primary health concerns. Together we will come up with a sustainable plan to implement these changes, so you can begin feeling relief now, and in the long run.

Do you take insurance?

No, in Washington State Nutritional Therapy Practitioners are not able to bill insurance. Depending on the insurance company, you may be able to use a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) or Health Savings Account (HSA) to pay for your nutritional therapy program.

Who is this for?

Women who are ready to invest time and energy into learning how to holistically support their body, hormones, and fertility for a lifetime of wellness.

Who is this not for?

While I'd love to help everyone, sometimes a different practitioner may better suit your needs. If you fall into any of these categories, my approach will not be the best fit.

  • If you're vegan/vegetarian or are unwilling to add in animal products to your diet
  • You’re not ready for the financial or time commitment it takes
  • You’re focused solely on weight loss. While many of my clients do experience weight loss in the long run, short-term we will be focused on digestion, balancing hormones, supporting blood sugar levels & implementing a nutrient-dense diet
  • You’re unwilling to make dietary changes
  • You’re seeking a short-term, quick fix. There aren’t any magic pills over here!

Many of my clients see many health improvements quickly, however, this is a lifelong approach to wellness that takes patience and dedication

What is the price investment and time commitment?

The time commitment/package length will be based upon your health history, concerns, and goals. Together we will come up with a game plan that gets to the root of your concerns and helps you build sustainable habits for long-lasting results.

Price investment varies on package length and functional labs required. Payment plans available.

Supplements, if recommended, will be in addition to the program investment. Typically they range between $50-150, budgets will always be taken into consideration.

What is an HTMA and how does it work?

The Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test is one of the most valuable screening tools available in preventative health care. It has the ability to show us our mineral status at a cellular level, which gives us a blueprint on how to reestablish nutrient balance within our body.

The price of the HTMA test will be included in your package and usually takes about 2-3 weeks to process before we can go over your results together. Taking the hair sample is easy and you can do it in your own home! You’ll simply take a small cutting of your hair, put it in an envelope I’ll mail to you, and mail it off to the lab and then they will email me the results.

Minerals are like a spark plug to every bodily function, so when our mineral levels are out of whack, they directly tie to current symptoms you might be experiencing. This test can give us insight into your thyroid and adrenal gland health, current metabolic state and stress levels, your digestive system function, and so much more!

What is Functional Blood Work?

Functional Blood Work is a highly customizable functional lab test that allows us to gather information about a variety of systems including metabolic, nutritional, endocrine, gastrointestinal, hormonal, immune, genetic, detoxification, and others.

Traditional blood work provides ranges, and if you fall within that range, then you’re considered “normal”, but it doesn’t take into consideration the whole body or the symptoms.

Functional lab testing allows us to look at the body as a whole and dig deeper when it comes to overcoming your concerns. When looking at blood work from a functional perspective, we will be looking for patterns within the numbers that can give us insights into what the root cause might be behind your health and help prevent health outcomes down the road.

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