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What is Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream?

If you’re one of the many women struggling with hormonal issues, you’re not alone. 

Hormone imbalance can cause a range of symptoms, from mood swings and irregular periods to sleep disturbances and hot flashes. 

One solution to hormone imbalances that many women have found effective is bio-identical progesterone cream.

For some women bio-identical progesterone cream is a game-changer when it comes to hormone balance. Made from plant-based sources, this cream contains progesterone, which is identical to the hormone produced by your own body. 

Bio-identical progesterone cream can help alleviate the symptoms of hormone imbalance and improve overall well-being by restoring hormonal balance. 

However, it does not FIX the underlying reason you have low progesterone in the first place. 

In this article, we’ll explore what exactly bio-identical progesterone cream is, how it works, and who may benefit from its use. We’ll also talk about reason why your progesterone could be low and what steps to take before starting hormone therapy. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Bio-identical progesterone cream is a natural hormone therapy that mimics the progesterone produced by your body.
  • This cream is designed to restore hormonal balance and alleviate symptoms of hormone imbalance.
  • There are practical steps you can take to increase progesterone naturally before supplementing with bio-identical progesterone

What is Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream?

Bio-identical progesterone cream is a form of hormone therapy that aims to restore hormonal balance and alleviate symptoms associated with hormone imbalance. 

It’s most commonly derived from wild yams but can also be formulated from cactus and soy.  

How Does Bio-Identical Progesterone Work?

Bio-identical progesterone works by supplementing the body with progesterone, a hormone that plays a vital role in the female reproductive system. 

Most women who experience estrogen dominance may, in reality, have a normal level of estrogen but just be low in progesterone, leading to this imbalance. 

Progesterone helps regulate the menstrual cycle and prepares the uterus for pregnancy. 

Additionally, it has a calming effect on the brain and can help alleviate symptoms such as mood swings and anxiety.

If you have extreme PMS symptoms, it could be a sign that you have low progesterone levels. 

When applied topically as a cream, bio-identical progesterone is absorbed through the skin and enters the bloodstream. It is usually applied to the inner arms or inner thighs. 

Who is Bio-Identical Progesterone For?

  1. Women experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalance throughout their cycling years or during perimenopause or menopause.
  2. Individuals seeking hormone replacement therapy to address specific health concerns.
  3. Those looking for a natural alternative to traditional hormone therapy.

Bio-identical progesterone cream can be a suitable option for those looking to restore hormone balance and manage symptoms. However, it is vital to understand WHY your progesterone is low. 

For example, missing ovulation due to irregular menstrual cycles or extreme stress can both result in low progesterone. 

Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream Comparison

If you’re considering hormone therapy and looking to supplement your hormone levels, you may come across two commonly used formulations: progesterone cream and progesterone oil. 

While both are effective in promoting hormone balance, they differ in their administration methods and individual preferences.

Progesterone cream is a topical formulation that is applied directly to the skin. This allows for easy absorption into the bloodstream, where it can exert its hormonal effects. 

Many individuals prefer progesterone cream for its convenience and non-invasive nature. It can be easily incorporated into your daily routine without the need for injections or additional medical assistance.

There is also topical progesterone oil. Some women respond better to the oil than to the cream. 

Additionally, progesterone oil can be administered through injections. This method ensures a direct delivery of the hormone into the body. 

However, proper administration requires the assistance of a healthcare provider. 

Regardless of the administration method, both progesterone cream and progesterone oil can be beneficial in hormone therapy. 

However, you have to cycle bio-identical progesterone to match your menstrual cycle. Otherwise, it can start to negatively mess with other hormones. 

When deciding between progesterone cream and progesterone oil, it is essential to consider personal preferences and individual needs and it’s highly recommended to be done under the guidance of a specialist. 

What Are the Benefits of Bio-Identical Progesterone?

Bio-identical progesterone cream has gained significant popularity due to its potential benefits for women seeking hormone balance. 

Bio-Identical Progesterone for Heavy Periods

One common concern for women experiencing hormone imbalance is the occurrence of heavy periods. These heavy flows can bring discomfort, inconvenience, and disruption to daily activities. 

Bio-identical progesterone cream has shown promise in addressing this issue by restoring hormonal equilibrium. By supplementing the body with natural progesterone, this cream helps regulate the menstrual cycle and can reduce heavy periods

The balance achieved through bio-identical progesterone cream results in a more regular and lighter flow, alleviating symptoms such as excessive bleeding and prolonged periods.

You can learn more about heavy periods in this blog post. 

Bio-Identical Progesterone for Light Periods

While some women experience heavy periods, others may struggle with light periods characterized by minimal flow and shorter durations.

Progesterone supports the uterine lining, allowing it to build up before your period. This is also important if you are trying to conceive. 

Bio-Identical for Menopause 

Bio-identical progesterone can be really helpful for menopausal women in relieving symptoms of hormone imbalance. However, it’s still vital to address root causes because, again, we are treating symptoms and using it as a bandaid in these instances. 

What Are the Side Effects of Bio-Identical Progesterone?

Like any medication or hormone therapy, bio-identical progesterone cream may have potential side effects. However, these will vary from person to person. Starting with small doses and working up is the best way to avoid extreme side effects.

Though bio-identical progesterone does help raise progesterone, it can have negative feedback on the body, causing your own body to stop making its own progesterone. This can lead to further issues down the road. 

Some possible side effects of bio-identical progesterone cream may include:

  • Headaches
  • Breast tenderness
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Changes in mood
  • Delayed miscarriage 

Something that’s not talked about enough is that bioidentical progesterone can actually cause a woman to hold onto a non-viable pregnancy. The progesterone only delays an already inevitable miscarriage and creates the need for further medical intervention, including drugs to induce a miscarriage or a D&C.

The side effects of misusing progesterone vary from mild to very serious. 

Therefore, working with a professional is highly recommended. 

I also recommend only using it as a bridge to getting your body back on track or to manage symptoms while still actively looking for the underlying cause.

Sometimes, an adjustment in the dosage or how the progesterone is administered can also decrease the risks of side effects. 

Is Bio-Identical Progesterone Right for Me? 

Before using Bio-identical progesterone, we need to understand WHY the body isn’t producing progesterone in the first place. 

Many practitioners use Vitex (which supports progesterone production) or bio-identical progesterone to relieve symptoms immediately. However, if we don’t understand why this hormone is low in the first place, it will only be a bandaid that covers a much larger issue.

Reasons You May Have Low Progesterone

Before supplementing with bio-identical progesterone, here are a few reasons why you might be low in the first place: 

  • Mineral imbalance 
  • Underlying infections 
  • Burnout/stress
  • Under eating 
  • Low carb diet
  • Skipped ovulation 

I always use an HTMA (hair tissue mineral analysis) to look at mineral ratios, specifically calcium to potassium and zinc to copper. Both of these ratios are key to figuring out why the body isn’t producing enough progesterone. 

I also use bloodwork to see if there are any underlying infections, which can, in turn, decrease progesterone.  

In most cases, I find that women aren’t eating enough and/or resting enough,  which can lead to occasionally poor or skipped ovulations (the necessary process to produce progesterone). 

Additionally, stress on your body, either environmental, not properly fueling, or physical stress, burns through the progesterone you DO have. 

Low-carb diets or simply not getting enough carbs very commonly contribute to low progesterone. (Why I always question a low-carb diet for women with PCOS or endo..)

Using Bio-Identical Progesterone Cream for Hormone Balance

Because of the increase in environmental estrogen and daily stress in our lives, I would say most women these days are progesterone deficient. 

Does that mean that we should all just supplement with bio-identical progesterone cream? 

Not necessarily. While it can help make symptoms more manageable, I always recommend digging deeper before starting any supplementation or hormone treatment. If we jump into these treatments too fast, we can disrupt hormone balance further. 

Instead, I recommend working with a nutritional therapist like myself or Katrina to make needed lifestyle changes that will naturally increase your progesterone. Together, we will run the appropriate tests to get to the bottom of your symptoms once and for all.

If you struggle with estrogen dominance or symptoms related to low progesterone, book a free discovery call with us today. Together, we can analyze what the next best step for you is to regain hormonal balance.

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